Raffle Rug Wool Needs

For those planning to donate wool for the auction, can we please pull out wool for the Raffle Rug? Lois Dugal has a need for several greens that will work against a dark background – we have background which will be dark blues with black-watch plaid mixed in. Will also need lavendars, plum and soft purples that will go with blue reds. More of the reds could be used too. For some “white” flowers would like to see some chartrusey wool but not too bright. Or light mint in varied shades. Pinks but not too bright and some blues in light to medium shades. Textures that have these colors good also (no white or bright color running through it).  Anything that will go with blue reds will be needed.

Raffle Rug- Lib Callaway pattern We will be hooking in a size 5 cut again.