Inspiration & Symbolism with Michele Micarelli

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Walking in and seeing the variety of rugs and then the wools for sale was inspiration enough for this blogger.   Then Michele spoke. She has such energy and love for this art form.

Hearing her stories about how a rug developed, how she shares parts of her life story within her rugs certainly got me looking at how we can make all our pieces unique and reflective of ourselves.  

As a rug hooker who has never hooked a purchased pattern, focuses on geometrics and loves colors in a scrappy look, below are some bits and pieces from Michele’s talk that caught my attention:

  • light comes forward, dark goes back
  • exception – pathway will get lighter as moves away
  • distance steals color clarity
  • Almost never the color. It’s the contrast
  • Drawing is learned skill, so practice, practice, practice.

Would love to hear how other members took inspiration for possible future pieces from what was presented.

About mainetinpedlars

The Maine Tin Pedlar Chapter of ATHA (Association of Traditional Hooking Artists) shares a common purpose of promoting the art of rug hooking through education, sharing of ideas and group activities.
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