Rose Ann Hunter

At our Nov. meeting Rose Ann Hunter presented on Heirloom Rug Techniques Traditional Rug Making 1790-1850

As her site mentions, Ruth Ann was chosen in 2005 as craftperson-in-residence at Old Sturbridge Village. She lectures at various museums, conferences and guilds throughout New England and the US. Ruth Ann has adapted and developed over 30 techniques of rug making.

For this presentation she shared rugs and other handcrafted items showing many of these various techniques. Part of the presentation was explaining her journey in rug making and researching these rug making techniques.


Following the general presentation Ruth Ann offered a mini workshop where members were able to experience first hand (with guidance) some of the basic techniques while making a small sheep hanging or ornament.



If interested in information on standing wool techniques check out these linked YouTube video demonstrations by our current President: Stitching a Standing Wool Mat (Part 1) Stitching a Standing Wool Mat (Part 2) also found in our How To page.

Our How To page also has a written description for making a Shirred Rug from a Tin Pedlar member.