Loretta Scena’s Doll Brooch Workshop

October has the Tin Pedlars hosting Loretta Scena, from New York, when she presents a short talk and following workshop. Those that wish to make doll brooch similar to those pictured above will join Loretta in our separate workshop room.

Workshop and kits for the doll brooch are $25.

Some have already signed up, but for any others wishing to participate please sign up by sending a note and check to Rachel by Oct 1, 2017.  The check is made out to: Loretta Scena.

2 Replies to “Loretta Scena’s Doll Brooch Workshop”

  1. I love the doll brooches. However, Illinois is a long way away from you. Would you consider putting together a kit with instructions for those of us who can’t make it to Maine (must be beautiful this time of year!)?

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