2018 Two-day workshop with Ania Knap


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Two-day workshop with Ania Knap, September 7 and 8, 2018

Many members expressed an interest in a two-day workshop with Ania after seeing her  poppy piece hooked with torn strips and background of frozen dyeing, so we have arranged for 2-day workshop in Sept. 2018. The workshop will be held at our meeting location. Workshop is limited to 12 people.


NOTE:  The first regular meeting of 2018/19 is on Sept 8th. The workshop will be held in the other smaller room and the rest of the members will have an open day of hooking.

As of this posting, 13 members have signed up indicating interest, so we are ready to confirm the workshop with Ania. We need members to send in a deposit of $50 to reserve their space (in order of dates deposit received). We know there are times plans need to change, so we will maintain a waiting list. We encourage other members with an interest to sign up to the waiting list. If we have 20 people interested, we can schedule another workshop with Ania, and divide into 10 in each class.  So, do not be discouraged…..    

SEND CHECKS MADE OUT TO:   MAINE TIN PEDLAR  to:  Faith Webster, 70a Clark Road, York, Maine 03909

The remaining cost of $140.00 will be due in June.  We will send out a reminder.


Please read and save the following information:

With class size of 10-12, the price for a two day workshop, which includes all wool for background, dyes, utensils, materials, pattern, pre workshop individualized color planning, hand outs and instruction:

  • with pattern is $190.00 **
  • without pattern  (you may want to use a poppy pattern of your own choosing is $155.00

**The pattern included for the $190 is not the one pictured on this post. There will be a poppy pattern specially design for this workshop. The pattern in the photo is a design of Wanda Kerr, of The Welcome Mat. If anyone wants that pattern specifically it can be obtained directly from Wanda Kerr.

Prior to workshop (4-6 weeks or earlier as needed) there will be discussion with each participant regarding pattern need, color planning and suggestions for each as required or requested.


Recommended for you to have for the poppies:

  • 6-10 values for poppies
  • 6-8 values for stems/leaves
  • 2 grays/1black for centers


Workshop Schedule:

Day 1:  Dyeing background ~ Ania will provide:

  1. Wool for background prepared and frozen for dyeing
  2. Formulas, dyes, utensils, trays and materials to complete dyeing
  3. Zip lock bags for taking dyed wool home for washing and drying for next day of hooking
  4. discussion of effects of dyes in different conditions with wool.

Day 2:  Hooking Poppy rug

  1. Handouts and discussion of hooking flowers
  2. additional wool available for purchase for participants not using their own stash
  3. Individual instruction
  4. Group discussion of wide cut shading, light source, warm vs. cool color effects
  5. Equipment necessary on site for the day:  hooking tools, patterns, wools and other needs.

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  1. looks like you have already reached class limit, if that is correct please add me to wait list. If you are still taking more students please let me know so I can send in deposit. Sheila K

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