Dec. Sale!

The Tin Pedlars have receive a variety of generous donations over the years. Recently we received materials from an individual who had a shop. The monies raised by the sale of these materials will be used in support of our programs.

The volume of the materials means we will be having various sales during meetings. We will try to provide a preview of the type of items and prices that will be available each sale.

  • The materials will all have a set price.
  • If there are more parties interested than there of numbers of a specific item the item will be sold by lottery. All interested parties will have names placed in a box. The pulled name will have the option to purchase the item.
  • Items are as is.

Preview for Dec. sale:

Fraser/Rigby Cutter Blades $ 35.00 each





Offset scissors     10.00   





    Burling irons $ 15.00




Hoops $     1.00 to $10.00  





Dye spoons       5.00 





   Cushing dyes       1.00





Bolt of black watch wool       5.00 a yard



Felting supplies       1.00 to 5.00



Wooden prodders       5.00                


Puritan frames w/stands     65.00 each

Small folding wood frame     25.00



Basic hooks     4.00

Special hooks     10.00 to $25.00

Books       2.00 to 5.00

Noodle holders       1.00 /pair


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