CHALLENGE! The Worm Returns

It’s time to have another CHALLENGE for Tin Pedlars members and the 2019 Cumberland Fair provides the perfect opportunity. We plan to hang the finished challenge pieces on the back wall.


You must hook a piece with the worms you have on hand. No cutting new ones. You can trade with others, but only use current worms.

The rug can be any size that will accommodate your stash or gathered collection of worms. Another reminder that worms are not just for geometric style rugs. Picture this free pattern done with worms……


Here’s some inspiration from finished challenge pieces: (check back as we’ll update as others share what they’ve done!)

Your challenge piece needs to be completed by the September 2019 meeting, so it can be hung by the Cumberland Fair committee for showing during the fair.

We have established a “community worms box” that will be available at the upcoming meetings while the challenge is active. So, if you need some, take some. If you have some to share, please do so. And yes, you can just grab a handful or two, or you can sort through for those special colors.

Members have also offered to help design rugs that will hook up well with worms. Just ask.

If you have time, you can submit multiple pieces to the challenge.

This challenge was originally designed by the Ozark Mountain Rug Hookers Guild.

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