Past Meeting Schedule for 2014 – 15

Throughout the first part of this new meeting year we will be gathering hints and tips. Look for the “Tip Jar” to add your hints and tips gained through your rug hooking experiences to be later shared with the group. (See Feb.)


September 13: ~ Pot Luck Lunch with Special Guest Speaker ~

Cat’s Paws with Gene Shepherd

Cat’s Paws, those iconic round motifs so prevalent in many classic rug hooking designs, will be the inspirational subject for a day long workshop with Gene Shepherd. Whether you do them perfectly round or just a bit wobbly – with wool strips or a mixture of wool fabric, yarn, silk and nylon – Gene will help you unlock the secrets to making a perfect paw.

Gene will begin with technical tips on how to make a perfect round design and then branch off to discuss design/color balance, fiber options and his favorite tricks. This project is perfect for all your little bits of odds and ends.

You can use one of Gene’s designs (patterns and wools for purchase will be available), your own design, a commercial pattern that features cat’s paws or just show up with a blank piece of backing. Bring plenty of colors of wool in solids and textures, as well as any interesting yarn, silk or nylon.  Silk ties are perfect for this project.


October 11:

Postcards from Maine ~ Tin Pedlar membership challenge

Each member will have the opportunity to design and create a mat that shows a symbol of Maine or tells a story about Maine to be completed by May 9th meeting. These mats will be postcard size (4×6/5×7). Completed mats will not to be traded, but shared through exhibit as a group, finally returning to the member that hooked it.

Linen foundation will be provided by Tin Pedlar. Bring your own idea, but we will also have items like cookie cutters to help in the designing present.


November 8:

Waldoboro Method with our own Jackye Hansen

Jackye has designed a special pattern available for purchase, depicting a blue bird on a forsythia branch for this workshop. She will be lecturing on the Waldoboro style providing guidance on the blue birds for everyone.


December 13:

Holiday Party…..Hook-in…..Pot Luck Lunch 


January 10: 

Borders and Designing by Lauri Troutman and Debbie Arcaro

Explanation/demonstration on methods Lauri and Debbie use for designing their hooked projects. Examples and discussion on borders – styles, purpose, design.


February 14:

Making a Tips Booklet

This will be a chapter project. We will discuss tips and then work together to craft a booklet containing the knowledge shared within the group. A finished booklet will be published for our library.


March 14: 


A fun time bidding on wool, patterns for hooking, etc., penny rugs, books and magazines, maybe a few antiques.

This is a wonderful and much appreciated fundraiser for the group.


April 11:

Hooking Time 

More details to come later.


May 9: 

Guest Speaker – Kris McDermet

Kris will speak on her love for combining rug hooking and rug braiding. She will talking about how one can go about making a combination piece. Discussion of color, texture, embellishments, wet felting and even using silk for both hooking and braiding.

There will be many examples of her work to explore.

Look forward to trying your hand at a little braiding after the presentation.


June 13: ~ Pot Luck Lunch and Year-End Party ~

Guest Speaker – Susan Feller

We’ll eat outside weather permitting with a presentation by Susan Feller.


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