Board 8/16/14

August 16, 2014  Tin Pedlar Board Minutes

Present: Lauri Troutman, Cheri Nixon, Harriet Johnson, Baily Ruckert, Debbie Arcaro

Discussed past year, expectations for current year and ideas for future events/programing.

Our 35th anniversary is officially next summer. first formal meeting Sept 4, 1980.

Balance as of July 2014 – $5287.04

Program getting set for 2014/15:

Set – Gene Shepard presentation on cat’s paws/ demonstration and chance to try our hands at with wool and mixed media

Oct- No outside presenter – Postcards from Maine Tin Pedlar membership challenge – each member would design and create a mat that shows a symbol of Maine or tells a story about Maine. These mats would be more postcard size (4×6/5×7). They would need to be completed by May. Not to be traded, but shared through exhibit as a group, finally returning to the member that hooked it. Tin Pedlar will provide the foundation.

Nov- Jackye Hansen on Waldoboro technique

Dec- Potluck meal and Holiday celebration

Jan- Presentation on Borders and Designing by Lauri Troutman and Debbie Arcaro

Feb- open

March- Auction

April- open

May- Presentation by Kris MeDermet


Ideas for program:

  • Rose Raymond from Nashua NH on humor in rugs for open month
  • Sharing rugs at meeting as a filler
  • Celebrating/honoring members for their contributions to the group and rug hooking. Gathering their oral history. 1 member at a time/meeting.
  • Registering rugs – Diane O’Brien has begun a rug registry for the purpose of documenting rugs. $10 fee for each rug registered. Developing a master data base with goal of being international. This is all in process. There is possibility of training available for the. Idea to get some members trained and then offering this rug registration to the group. Could be free or fees could be used as a way to generate funds.


  • Have extra copies of the mailed program form at the first few meetings.
  • Have hard copy of membership list at Oct. meeting to pass out to membership.


  • What is purpose of the Annual Auction? Members to clean out stuff….Raise money….
  • Need to raise the fun level so more EVENT like and not just to get through. Idea of professional auctioned or outside individual to run auction.
  • Another idea is to run every other year. Alternate with something like a Trunk Sale where each member could sell whatever they want from the trunk of their cars. Members would pay a set fee to the group to be able to sell. Cars would be set up around the parking lot and each member responsible for own items, money, etc. Need to ask group at large about interest level.
  • Reaching out to other chapters to support growth of rug hooking, for socialization, sharing resources….. Need lead person to connect with possible chapters to see about interest. Baily will delegate this once have volunteer forms back. Looking more towards next year, but could be as early as this June meeting.
  • Also need volunteer for the audit we need done. Also include on volunteer form.
  • Tin Pedlars should be sending pieces to ATHA for magazine. Debbie not willing to do this outside of sending already written pieces from the blog. Would be great to get members to volunteer for this. Lauri brought up project Gene Sheppard is doing for ATHA mag. Very possible to include piece from Maine while he is here. Specifically a visit with Joseph C (June ’14 meeting trip). Joseph was open to an article sharing knowledge and collection to a wider group with interest.
  • Harriet mentioned willingness to do short write-up on her initial involvement with Tin Pedlar and ATHA. Has some original correspondence that should include as well as taking photos of some of her pieces. We can help with the photos and submitting in digital form. Asked her to go ahead with this.
  • Known opportunities to demonstrate – Ossipee Fair, Cumberland Fair, York Days, Oxford Fair, Spa Knit & Spin, Pettengill Farms, Shaker Hill, Wells Reserve at Laudholm

Duties outlined from meeting:

VPresidents – Contracts from programs will be copied and shared with Treasurer and President


  • sew borders for Oct program / cookie cutter designs for usage
  • contact Diane O’Brien on rug registry training for some members
  • Get new member pins
  • pass along ATHA membership info to Debbie as get
  • connect with Gene and Joseph C about possible mag article
  • update Welcome letter getting hard copy to Baily for her copy and mail out to new members.


  • sew borders for Oct program / cookie cutter designs for usage
  • present at Oct. meeting on rug registry training option and value (record our work history, insurance)
  • research using iPad for oral history – app needed and how to do
  • research using iPad with mic and speakers to provide amplification at meetings
  • email board minutes to all board/mail to Baily
  • generate and run off new I Can Help form for Baily for Oct. meeting include lead contact with other chapters and audit.
  • blog about early return of membership forms with dues. Remind about ATHA membership asking members to supply mag label or copy of. Explain that ATHA is sending info to us, but finding some mistakes and hoping to correct this through collection of label directly from members. Will except ATHA checks as in the past.
  • connect with Sheila on door prizes – explaining the why and how
  • repost on Gene Sheppard hook-in
  • check into cost on printing notecards, grocery list as promotion for Tin Pedlars/ to sell/ to gift
  • contact Janet on needs for Cumberland Fair in regards to email notice/reminder and collection of rugs at Sept. meeting
  • get demonstration options posted/emailed


  • pass along new member’s names to President at meeting to be recognized.
  • pass along names to all officers, so they can meet and greet for multiple months
  • get past and then current attendance sheets into separate folder in President’s box
  • contact teacher of tech workshop on amplification app
  • run off membership list for passing out at Oct. meeting
  • generate membership sign-up sheet and mail copy to Harriet for sending out with program mailing ASAP – include how members following/gathering info on what is happening for meetings, etc.


  • mail out program with new membership form (from Cheri)
  • get contact info on Joseph C to Lauri ASAP
  • write up piece for ATHA mag.


  • door prizes also need to be arranged for each meeting- does not need to be rug hooking specific, just a nice little something


  • ask group on interest in future Truck sale
  • ask group about what they are looking for from the Tin Pedlars to help us with future programing
  • be sure have multiple empty cards available at each meeting that can be passed around for a group signing to support members that are ill, family loss, etc.

Winter Board Agenda:

  • discuss future rug shows/exhibits
  • need to develop an actual budget for Tin Pedlars
  • discuss audit
  • continue discussion on Auction – why and how

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