Board 2/14/15

(board member responsible in BOLD)

2/14/15 Present for Board Meeting: Sheila, Debbie, Baily, Cheri, Lauri, Trudy

Need to vote on bylaw changes from last year

Need to publish follow with vote

  • 10% collection on vendors to be removed as is practice

  • Bylaw change over $500 membership votes on expenditure

Debbie send bylaws to board to proof asap

Bylaws to be send by email to membership with hard copy as part of newsletter printed off for March meeting. Vote on bylaws in April.

Need to sent out 2 newsletters a year

Newsletter include board member pieces, bylaws, updated membership

Deb will template and publish newsletter info to come from board members

Raffle rug reviewed past practices which included purchased, donated, worked by groups, problem with some members not being able to contribute

Following design workshop idea is to design our own. Donate money to educational program. Hooking done by groups and available at meetings for all members to be involved

Lauri  to head committee to organize design, wool gathering, sign up for hooking

Deb include in March meeting email request for members interested in raffle design committee

Wool from Harriet to be kept for rug Debbie send photo of wool to Lauri

Frame for Cumberland budget $200 Baily will purchase motion by Cheri second Deb passed

Donated frames and oval to be sold at March auction

Desired books for library? Missing one by Gene Sheperd. Lauri will approach Gene about donating  Rug Hookers Bible.

Trudy – 25th history short story found and will bring in

Debbie – idea of having members speak at meetings about their history with rug hooking

Personal history with rug hooking, share rugs – 15 minutes

1 member per meeting, nomination list generated by board

Lauri to send personalized invitation to ask them

35th anniversary Sept celebration party board will plan carry out

Catered meal Cheri, charter members present,  invite current ATHA president Lauri, 4 plastic crowns Baily

April meeting: bulk purchase crochet hook, membership cover cost of hook April if chose to make their own hook, fimo clay donated (Lauri) , also have photos in Tin Pedlar possession out to be looked at and notes made on to gather more history

Future purchase of projector for group for presentations

Rug Documentation in 2016


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