Submitted by Joyce Goff

9:45 meeting called to order

Harriet announced details of Christmas meeting. Bring hints & tips about rug hooking and we will form a book.

We will play wool bingo – 3”x16” strips of wool needed in order to play.

January – Borders and Designs – Lauri Troutman & Debbie Arcaro

Cheri Nixon – treasurer’s report – updated membership lists available. new members: Donna Russo, Cheryl Accardi, Deb Foster

after bills paid balance on hand: $3764.12

Trudy – Library report – thanks for all her work!

Sending emails re overdue books. Lots of new books available but in great demand. New books on top shelf. Index and booklists hanging from cart. Jackye downsizing and donated a lot of vintage books – was thanked.

Deb Arcaro – blog has a for sale & wanted page

Send email to tin Pedlar site for members to shop and sell. Cumberland Fair contact woman giving us a bunch of standing frames for free!

Sheila – hostess- pot luck in Dec. everyone needs to bring something to share.

No old business

New business – Mimi has a needlecraft frame in her car that she would like to give away.

Door prize: Connie won

Harriet introduced Jackye and gave a brief bio.

Meeting adjourned and those who wished to learned Waldoboro Bluejays with Jackye.


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