Minutes Tin Pedlar 9/14/14           ~ Respectfully, Joyce Goff (acting secretary)

Guest speaker: Gene Shepherd

Meeting started at 9:45 by Laurie troutman

Church notes: handicapped bathroom being added

– Dues are due now.
Deb Arcaro motion to group to authorize board to get a PA system for up to $150 (approved)
Sheila – Hostess sign-up sheets passed around
– Duties will be put on the blog.
– Start bringing in door prizes storage is available
Janet Crook – Has tickets for Cumberland Fair and wants rugs today or tomorrow at Gene Shepherd hook-in.
Lauri – Still space for tomorrow in Elliot hook-in. Gene Shepherd presenting on Presidential rugs.

Marcia Shepherd introduced. Gene from CA. 1st class he ever took was with Jackye Hansen.

Introduced us to Cat’s paw motifs. Had lots of wools to work with for sale. Lots of yummy bright colors!
Gene gave tips to hooking a perfect circle.
His web site offers online workshops.
His cat paws are easy to hook with nylon potholder loops that he over-dyes. Snip the loops and hook.
Gene taught those interested with a supply of bright loops!


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