Standing Wool Mat

This is a 2 part video demonstration on constructing a standing wool mat. This demonstration is of one way to sew a wool mat that has been used over time and shared with others with success.

One of the interesting parts of working with standing wool in the construction of a mat is that as long as you are connecting the different layers and parts almost anything goes.

You do need strong thread and a long needle, but otherwise are only limited by your creativity.



2 Responses to Standing Wool Mat

  1. Dawn says:

    Hello, I recently was given the name of your group from Janet Conner who was at the Fryeburg Fair.

    I explained to her that I have recently been given what I think are the necessary tools to begin rug hooking. The ironic thing is these tools were given to me from different people who do not know each other. So, my interest has peaked.

    Can you please tell me if there is any groups that may meet over the fall and winter where I could start plugging in?

    Thank you.

    • Dawn, Our group meets the second Sat of each month. You can get times and directions on the home page of the website. We have many members that would be happy to help you get started. You might also like to check out the Painted Mermaid which is a shop located in South Paris. You will also find many helpful videos on YouTube.
      Hope we see you in the future.

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