Sept. 2013 Minutes

Sept 14, 2013

Welcome back and greeting of new members : Joyce Knowles and Judy Wylie

Discussion from summer board meeting:

need to keep meeting shorter so presentations can start as scheduled at 9:30 am
for longer discussion will bring up after lunch after presentation

Bylaw changes sent through email as written notice to be voted on and changed. Additional change suggestions will be discussed and email notice provided in future.

Welcomed speaker Jean Benjamin

October – Molas  Norma Batastini speaker
patterns for tiles on table to be chosen from it interested in doing kit for the workshop, sign-up on provided sheets

Thank you to members for sharing rugs with flowers for this month’s side bar

dues due for new year 2013/14
$6252.01 balance as of start of Sept. meeting

With a continual healthy account balance need discussion on ways to spend some with the goal to keep a balance of $4000:

to support goal to expand and promote rug hooking in the area with demos from board summer discussion decided needed to purchase folding table (done), frame feedback needed from the membership


new materials added
continuing Rug Hooking subscription
Celebrations – Gail Collette and Cathy Williams have rugs in current issue


update contact info on the master sheet when signing in/ paying dues
continue to post on Facebook, blog and send notices via email

email contact for Tin Pedlar business through new association acct:


demonstration at Shaker Hill Apple Festival Sept 15 – Alfred, Debbie and Lauri

Punkin Fiddle, Wells Laudholm Farms – welcome additioanl rugs to show Sept 28 – Jeni and Faith demonstrating

cruise – new york to portland to novia scotia arriving in Portland and would like to do a meet and greet at docks Monday, Sept. 23rd, 9am
possibility of sharing our area with them

Cumberland fair update-
Janet has demonstrations set, set for set-up/take down, be sure rugs sending up are registered

Paris Hill hookin – first time, need to register, info on blog

Lauri shared information on illness of Hugh Conrod, one of the founders of the Rug Hooking Museum, NS

Vote on bylaws-

  1. clearly state in bylaws that all positions are voluntary and not paid positions
  2. presenter’s 10% payment to group from any materials sold to be removed
  3. A member must be an active member for at least 1 yr. before being a treasurer.
  4. Names on account to be President, VP and Treasurer. Names to be changed within one (1) month of election/installation.

All were moved, seconded and accepted

Fabulous job on programing for this coming year – Thank You

New Business:

Cathy Williams – idea of bus trip to Sauder Village for next year
Anyone interested in gathering information on this see Lauri

Bailey making rug for Dahlov Ipcar.  Started Jan. 2013 – old painting wood block – fox and geese – 3 colors, 6’x4’. Will keep group informed as completed. Requested photo for records/blog.

Hold for later discussion:

$5 change in non-member attending program fee



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