2018 Two-day workshop with Ania Knap


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Two-day workshop with Ania Knap, September 7 and 8, 2018

Many members expressed an interest in a two-day workshop with Ania after seeing her  poppy piece hooked with torn strips and background of frozen dyeing, so we have arranged for 2-day workshop in Sept. 2018. The workshop will be held at our meeting location. Workshop is limited to 12 people.


NOTE:  The first regular meeting of 2018/19 is on Sept 8th. The workshop will be held in the other smaller room and the rest of the members will have an open day of hooking.

As of this posting, 13 members have signed up indicating interest, so we are ready to confirm the workshop with Ania. We need members to send in a deposit of $50 to reserve their space (in order of dates deposit received). We know there are times plans need to change, so we will maintain a waiting list. We encourage other members with an interest to sign up to the waiting list. If we have 20 people interested, we can schedule another workshop with Ania, and divide into 10 in each class.  So, do not be discouraged…..    

SEND CHECKS MADE OUT TO:   MAINE TIN PEDLAR  to:  Faith Webster, 70a Clark Road, York, Maine 03909

The remaining cost of $140.00 will be due in June.  We will send out a reminder.


Please read and save the following information:

With class size of 10-12, the price for a two day workshop, which includes all wool for background, dyes, utensils, materials, pattern, pre workshop individualized color planning, hand outs and instruction:

  • with pattern is $190.00 **
  • without pattern  (you may want to use a poppy pattern of your own choosing is $155.00

**The pattern included for the $190 is not the one pictured on this post. There will be a poppy pattern specially design for this workshop. The pattern in the photo is a design of Wanda Kerr, of The Welcome Mat. If anyone wants that pattern specifically it can be obtained directly from Wanda Kerr.

Prior to workshop (4-6 weeks or earlier as needed) there will be discussion with each participant regarding pattern need, color planning and suggestions for each as required or requested.


Recommended for you to have for the poppies:

  • 6-10 values for poppies
  • 6-8 values for stems/leaves
  • 2 grays/1black for centers


Workshop Schedule:

Day 1:  Dyeing background ~ Ania will provide:

  1. Wool for background prepared and frozen for dyeing
  2. Formulas, dyes, utensils, trays and materials to complete dyeing
  3. Zip lock bags for taking dyed wool home for washing and drying for next day of hooking
  4. discussion of effects of dyes in different conditions with wool.

Day 2:  Hooking Poppy rug

  1. Handouts and discussion of hooking flowers
  2. additional wool available for purchase for participants not using their own stash
  3. Individual instruction
  4. Group discussion of wide cut shading, light source, warm vs. cool color effects
  5. Equipment necessary on site for the day:  hooking tools, patterns, wools and other needs.
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Holiday Greetings

Screen Shot 2017-12-18 at 11.17.26 AM

The weather might have keep some from joining us, but those present enjoyed this day of friendship and want to pass along greetings for a wonderful Holiday and a Happy New Year!

Our annual December Holiday meeting meant homemade soups and desserts enjoyed by all. We have some very talented cooks within our group.


But before we ate, we had a business meeting about the program ideas for Spring 2018 (which you’ll see outlined below) and played Wool BINGO. A big thank you for the members from the York area that pulled all the prize bags together. The total surprise of the bags added another fun element this year. Whether rolls of wool or also surprise pin, we all appreciated our prizes. Yes, we got to play through twice.

Ok, now for the Business News:

Let’s start with the need for members to step up and take a leadership role. Please consider volunteering!!!! Participation by everyone makes a fun and exciting group!!! Cheri will be asking for a nominating committee to choose officers for the 2018-2020 years. We are also going to need a coordinator for the Cumberland County Fair if we are going to continue our participation. 

Spring, 2018 Tin Pedlar Program Schedule (Schedule Correction made 1/2/18 * for Jan ’18 and Feb ’18 meetings)

  • Saturday, January 13 OPEN HOOKING
  • Saturday, February 10 MAKE AND TAKE Cheri Nixon and Lauri Troutman (remember to set aside and bring in unwanted wool for the auction) 
  • Saturday, April 14 Guest speaker KATHY SPELLACY, Wool and Goods,  Subject:  finishing rugs and hangings.
  • Saturday, May 12 Guest speaker, DOUG RANKIN; Subject: Canadian Folk Artist, Maude Lewis. Doug will bringing many of her patterns with availability to purchase. If anyone wants a particular Lewis pattern, Doug is happy to bring it, but you need to let Faith know  before the May meeting. (you can also reply as a comment to this post and Faith will get it)

May will be our last meeting for the 2017/18 year.

A bit of inspiration! Just some of the creative work happening at the meeting.


Reminder: Saturday, January 27 is the Eliot hook-in

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My Personal Take-away from Ania Knap’s Presentation

Before I share the notes I took during Ania Knap’s presentation to the Tin Pedlars at our Nov. ’17 meeting, I want to thank her for allowing me to take (to share here) whatever photos I wanted of the many hooked items she shared during her presentation.

It was fun to hear how she started her rug hooking journey at an Adult Ed class and how the scientist she is impacts how she looks at it for the art and solutions to questions. The natural world and color drive much of her creative exploration. You will see Ania’s favorite color throughout her shared work – ORANGE!

Here’s my personal take-away from Ania’s presentation.   ~~~

There are many ways to hook circles, triangles, etc., only thing important is to have fun while you are hooking and learning along the way.

Always look for the pattern and deeper for the reflection in the pattern.

Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 3.09.41 PM

Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 3.10.47 PM


Symmetry is really what makes something pleasing to the eye. It is found throughout the natural world and it is how we simplify what we look at. Symmetry does not always equal mirror image. You can find symmetry within smaller components like in this pasley piece.

Look for symmetry to get to the simplest pattern when working a piece.

Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 3.10.27 PM


Symmetry also does not have to be perfect. Sometimes the surprise is important. Think about how when you buy one kind of bulb to plant there is often 1 odd one in the batch.


screen-shot-2017-11-14-at-3-17-10-pm-e1510694578661.pngThis piece shows rotational Symmetry. It all starts with the center flower. Diagonally you notice the design compares, but it is not a mirror. The symmetry works as you rotate viewing the rug. There is also symmetry within the smaller components.

Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 3.14.28 PM


Notice the bits of reflection from the pieces of fruit onto each other…… It’s easy to see the red in the pear by the stem point. Then the purple from the grapes in the lower edge of the pear.





Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 3.14.45 PM

This is the wool that was used to hook the  background. The worms were cut across the stripes.




Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 3.11.44 PM

Flora and fauna. Ania worked it from the point of Primary Colors – notice the border – red / yellow / blue. Looking more at the rug you see the flora are all cooler  – blue / yellow / green. The fauna is warmer – red / yellow /orange. You will also see purple in both flora and fauna, but the depth of color is cool or warm following along with the overall idea.





This rug is all straight line hooking of a dyed wool that progressed through colors.

Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 3.13.32 PM

The worms were cut along the whole dyed piece to get each of the colors. Often we cut the opposite way to get wools from just one color area. The back view clearly shows the straight line hooking.

When you get to dying wool how many get concerned that there will be white spots – no dye? Well, white spots on dyed wool when hook provide the look of light hitting and reflecting in the piece. So those white spots are actually pluses.

Then how many have heard of “snow dying”? Well, what if you don’t have snow? Ice works, but you need a lot. Solution: Freeze your wool before dying. When the dye hits the frozen wool the colors separate.

And here’s my favorite!

Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 10.26.09 AM

For me this piece shows everything – color, reflection and symmetry.

~~~ Debbie Arcaro

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Loretta Scena’s Doll Brooch Workshop

October has the Tin Pedlars hosting Loretta Scena, from New York, when she presents a short talk and following workshop. Those that wish to make doll brooch similar to those pictured above will join Loretta in our separate workshop room.

Workshop and kits for the doll brooch are $25.

Some have already signed up, but for any others wishing to participate please sign up by sending a note and check to Rachel by Oct 1, 2017.  The check is made out to: Loretta Scena.

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Please be careful…

Hi Maine Tin Pedlars!
We have had a very snowy week and we’re due to get a bit more overnight.
The board and Trudy Brown have been communicating since last evening about what is for tomorrow’s 2/11/17 – meeting.
What has been decided is that the church will be open and Sara Salisbury will be there. You are free to come if you would like to but PLEASE assess CAREFULLY whether it is safe enough for you to travel. We do not want ANYONE to travel if it is not safe.
Please call those that you might travel with and tell them you got this e-mail and make a decision together about whether to stay home or to go out. We know there are a few of you hearty-die-hard New England types that will insist that you should be there – you know who you are (!) but if you’re in ANY way, mobility limited or affected by other health issues  – I can’t name names – but I am tempted – PLEASE STAY HOME!!!
From Trudy regarding the rug show —
Two things everyone needs to know:
 (1)  Mail rug “tickets” to Trudy Brown this week. If you need her address please contact a board member. There will be a basket at the show for small items and rugs priced at less than $150.00.  You do not need tickets for pieces going in the basket.  There will be price tags next to the basket for you to fill out and attach.
  (2) Plan to supply your own dowels. The show has gotten so big (Yay!) that Faith and Trudy will only buy a small number of “emergency” dowels.  Write your name on a piece of masking tape and tape it to your dowel to be sure it is returned to you.

Faith and Trudy will be calling all the people who have signed up to bring rugs.  By the end of the week, a detailed e-mail about the show and the opening reception will be sent to all members.

Having said this please remember the opening reception for the show is on March 9th at the Stonewall Gallery in Yarmoth – the Historical Society 5:30 to 7 PM – join us!! 

AND March 11 is our next meeting – it’s our Annual AUCTION. Please bring all your excess patterns, wool, hooks, cutters, frames and other interesting items. And bring your wallet too! This is our most important fund raiser.
 Have a safe Saturday all!
Cheri and the Board.
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Maine Tin Pedlars’ Stonewall Gallery Rug Hooking Exhibit

Part of the Maine Tin Pedlars’ purpose as an active organization and an ATHA chapter, is to promote the art of rug hooking through education, sharing of ideas and group activities. As part of this over the years we have participated in museum exhibits and held rug shows.

This Spring (2017) we will have a rug exhibit that will run from the beginning of March thru the end of April in The Stonewall Gallery, at the Yarmouth History Center .

stonewall-gallery2Throughout the year, the Stonewall Gallery hosts a number of individual and group art exhibits. The Maine Tin Pedlars will be one of the 2017 group exhibits.

The Gallery’s most prominent feature is the gray stone wall, a structure that was once a part of Yarmouth’s Water District Building built in 1923.

This photo is from the Yarmouth History Center, 118 East Elm Street, Yarmouth, Maine, Stonewall Gallery’s page

Tin Pedlar members are encouraged to exhibit some of their work. Any member that is interested in putting some of their pieces up for sale are also able to do that. A portion of proceeds from any sales during the exhibit will go to support the programs of the History Center. For members not sure about pricing of their hooked pieces, there will be additional information shared at the Jan meeting. It will be posted on this site also, along with any additional information, as we get closer to the hanging of the exhibit.

Here’s an outline of the existing timeline for this event ~

The exhibit will be taken down on May 1, 2017 starting at 10am.

The organizing group of this exhibit would like to have an idea of what items members will be providing. If you are going to be exhibiting, please be sure to let Faith or Trudy know the following:

  • Your Name:
  • Number of rugs or wall hangings larger than 2’ x 3’:
  • Number of rugs or wall hangings smaller than 2’ x 3’:
  • Other small items (type and # of):
  • Number of items for sale:
  • If you can drop off at the Gallery the week of 2/21 – Tues thru Thurs. 10-5

If exhibiting you will also have to complete our 3 “ticket” exhibit form. Be sure to provide the story of your piece. It’s not just interesting, but educational, to hear how a hooked piece was worked – from the reason behind the design, to the person it was hooked for, or maybe you were experimenting with a new technique. These stories add to the enjoyment of viewing the art work.

You can download the 3 “ticket” form here. Remember you will need 1 form for each item exhibiting.


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Northern Workshop Rug Show


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Potential Spam or Virus

Hello Everyone

Just a brief note. I received an email from Carol (Sam) Ballard with a word of caution. If you receive an email from athanews@aol.com, do NOT open it or click on a Docusign link in that email.  It is spam and could put a virus or other malware on your computer. Aol has been contacted. So issue has been taken care of for future messages.  Be careful what you open! Always good advice! If you did receive and open it please run a scan of your computer to make sure it is safe. Enjoy your evening!




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Combining Braiding Rug hooking and more


Our June meeting offered a presentation with Kris McDermet from Vermont. Kris shared her personal journey of learning to braid rugs and how to hook rugs. After becoming proficient in both mediums her creative mind put both techniques together so her hooked pieces have braided borders and her interior braids are surrounded by hooked areas.

Over time she has explored and expanded her skills and added even more techniques to her creations such as felting, and has been creating 3 dimensional pieces such as braided bowls. She adds textures such as silk, charmeuse and glitter or sequin fabric that is often recycled. Kris’ husband was a wonderful assistant and held the rugs so we could truly appreciate the work involved. Special thanks to Alitza Wildes who also assisted with the heavy rugs! Thank you Kris for sharing your art with us!

After the presentation we all enjoyed a delicious pot luck provided by our members. Our next meeting will be on 10 September. Enjoy your summer and stay safe!

Here are some scenes from the day:


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Annual Auction Saturday 3/19


Auction donations will consist of contributions from our members and guests. All proceeds generated from purchases will go to the Maine Tin Pedlar Chapter treasury for future programs. We are looking for anything nice, clean, useful, handy, pretty, cute, decorative, appropriate for re-giving, nice… (endless possibilities).  Would you buy this yourself? For your best friend? Donations do not have to be fiber related, but if they are — fabulous!  Some are contributing books, patterns, wool, yarn, frames, cutters, fabric, notions, decorative heirlooms, antiques — the sky’s the limit as long as it’s nice in your eyes… Bring your unfinished products that you don’t intend to finish (someone else might love the challenge) or that pattern you picked up at a hook in that you are never going to really hook!  Please…no junk. Any questions? Speak up!

The set-up team will be setting up and members making donations should give them to Lauri when they arrive.  During set up, why not have coffee and a snack in the kitchen or the small room? 

Members can start previewing at 9:45 (NO early peeks, please stay away from the tables during the set up so Lauri’s team can organize everything). The auction will begin about 10:15 AM.  

This year there will be some minor changes to keep things organized and running smoothly:  

YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PAY FOR YOUR PURCHASES UNTIL THE AUCTION IS OVER – NO EARLY CHECK OUTS.  When people check out early, the people taking the money cannot participate in the auction and bid.  We strongly suggest that you pay by check – you can have the check completely made out before check out and just fill in the amount when the auction is over.  If your paddle ends in an odd number (1,3,5, etc) you will check out with Cheri Nixon – if your paddle ends in an even number (2,4,6, etc) you will check out with Joyce Goff.  No one will be able to leave the auction without paying…you know you’re going to an auction to shop, you need to bring a blank check or cash with you to cover your purchase.  Paying by check will save time as we won’t be juggling cash to make change!

Please feel free to forward this email to your hooking friends!

See you on Saturday!

Joyce Goff
 Secretary, Maine Tin Pedlar
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