Meeting Information

The Maine Tin Pedlar Chapter meets September through June on the second Saturday of each month at Blue Point Congregational Church, 236 Pine Point Road, Scarborough, ME 04070 – 2055

* Doors open for 9 AM to visit and hook before the business meeting and presentation begins at 9:30 AM. We will need to be out of the church by 2 PM.
* Morning beverages and snacks will be out and available for 9:30 AM.
* We will have meetings scheduled for: Sept., Oct., Nov., Dec., Jan., Feb., Mar., Apr., May and June. June may be an alternate site meeting.
* Please bring your own covered mug or cup for coffee, tea or water, to save the expense of buying cups.
* Please bring a snippet container for your cuttings, and do NOT dispose of them on the floor. In this new location we will not have to put away tables and chairs, and clean-up will be more difficult trying to get between all the chairs to sweep away cuttings.
* There are 7 stairs down to the location where we’ll meet, but there is also a seat lift if needed by anyone.


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